The New Committee

Following the election of our new president, Marcus-Alexander Neil, at the end of Hilary the committee for 2013-14 has been finalised. The full list of roles and new incumbents can be found here. While all members are important to the smooth running of the club, these are the people with particular responsibilities who should be approached with any queries or suggestions you may have. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to serving the club in such an important year as this.

Of course, thanks must go to every member of last year’s committee for the fantastic job they have done, both in leading our club, and in their preparations for the V15o. We are glad to welcome a number of them back to the committee this year to continue their sterling work for Vincent’s.

Real Tennis: 1960s Vintage

The Real Tennis contingent of Vincent’s Members who attended the 1960s Decade Dinner in Oxford on Wednesday 11 April also met for a tournament, organised by Richard White. The occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all, for the sporting action and excellent company!

Real Tennis Tournament, April 2013 2012.9 Sardinia - 2013.4 Vincents 826