Vision for the Future

We believe that the power of sport coupled with the ethos of Vincent’s Club has tremendous social potential. The Outreach Programme will harness the strong brand and extensive alumni network of Vincent’s and will work in close synergy with Oxford University’s efforts to promote student-athletes of all ages and ability in Oxfordshire and beyond.

The Programme will grow organically over a five-year period to achieve this. The proposed mentoring scheme is central to the development process and will provide a focused impact on the lives of children and young adults in key formative periods of their lives.

Focused contact

Mentors and coaches will be selected from Resident Members of Vincent’s and Atalanta’s and the networks available through them within the University sports setup. Vincent’s Scholars will meet the benefactor of their scholarship, and be matched with an appropriate mentor.

Grants and Bursaries

Vincent’s currently provides one annual bursary to an exceptional athlete at Oxford. As a vital institution at the heart of Oxford Sport, the Club wishes to provide grants for numerous individuals, to go towards athletic and sporting development. Individually-assessed bursaries are to be made available to aid the pursuit of sport at Oxford by outstanding able bodied or disabled athletes, regardless of whether they come through the Outreach programme.

Financial Projections

Whilst the energy and ambition of Resident Members is abundant, the project is currently limited by a resource shortfall. Significant funding is required in order to ignite growth to a national and eventually international scale. By the fifth year of the programme, we anticipate a figure of £250,000 for annual expenditure on the Outreach scheme and scholarships, with a small surplus for specific grants and bursaries.