Structure and Co-ordination of the Camps

The camps are organised and planned by a small committee, appointed by the Vincent’s president, which sits for the duration of the Hillary term. Everything is meticulously planned and the ten-strong outreach committee, comprised of both Vincent’s Club and Atalanta’s Society members, works closely with the schools, Oxford University coaches and education advisors to tailor a 3-day camp. It is a collective drive which provides a well thought out and specific camp and we owe a lot to those who provide us with their time and expertise along with the twenty or so Oxford students who coach during the week.

Each of the three days has a core theme, such as self-respect, teamwork or leadership. The physical activities, workshops and lunch time talks encourage the children to engage with the day’s message. This is only possible because from the introductory talk through to the final day of competition each group of ten children is guided by the same three or four Oxford students. This fosters a relationship between the children and the University students which leads to the sharing of ideas and inspiration which make Vincent’s and Atalanta’s Summer Camps so special and formative for all involved.